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Why I hate Australians

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Do Australians actually have any redeeming qualities. Don’t say you know a nice Australian – a good bloke – because I bet he has been living in West London for 15 years, and his parents were born in England. He doesn’t count.

They live in a beautful country, with an excellent climate, a whole continent to explore. They have a reasonable standard of living, love a barbie and a beer, and a dip in their swimming pools.

They have no political enemies living on their borders, and would be the country most likely to survive and thrive after a nuclear holocaust.

So why are Aussies such wankers. Racist, ignorant, stupid – genetically thick, close-minded, sport obsessed, soap watching morons. With an Aussie, everthing has to come down to the lowest common denominator.

They single handedly humiliated, subjugated, and destroyed their indigenous peoples.
They offer nothing to the world in terms of technical or scientific advancement – not even a good sun bloc!!

They scream and cry and debate endlessely about the only thing that registers on their political radar, and thats immigration – convienently forgetting that they serve as one of the best examples of how mass immigration supplants and destroyed an indigenous culture – through numbers and force of arms alone in a few generations.

I hope that twenety million Vietnamese boat people manage to land in Australia. Payback’s a bitch.

The cricket fans among us will know that the Ashes are currently being contetsted. The England team have only been in Australia for three days, and already, their british born Sikh bowler is being abused for no other reason other then he is brown. The same happened to the South African black pace bowler Ntini, when he was there a few months earlier.

So I have had enough.
If you are Australian and reading this blog – FUCK OFF! I hate all of you, without exception.

If you are not Australian and reading this blog, remember what I have said when you are meeting an Australian. Your intention should be soley to humiliate and embarrass. Remember it’ s okay to say what you want because we all know the Aussies love to banter. If they get offended, remember to say fair dinkum and move on to your next target. If it helps refer to their geneology and the fact that they really are the spawn of scum. I know its a cliche, but trust me, it really works. Also, ask them how long they have been visiting the UK, and when they intend to return. If they have stayed here for longer then six months, ask to see their visa. Take down their details and report them to the authorities. Make them feel like an illegal immigrant.

The Yanks are bad enough – but at least they can say “we are the richest country in the world”, or ” we have the biggest army in the world” or ” we run the world”. They have some substance to base their arrogance and superiority. Aussies have nothing apart from a sun tan, a few swimmers and a cricket team. A nation, a people, a culture that amounts to nothing and never will.

Watch out Aussies – I’m a coming!!!!!!!


Written by fullenglish1

November 14, 2006 at 12:02 pm

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Racist litterbugs

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Should really add this to ‘I Litter and I’m Proud’ but…
Standing at the bustop this morning next to the bin.
White guy and a black guy standing near me.
White guy chucks his fag packet on the floor.
I pick it up and put it in the bin saying “I’ll put it in the bin for you shall I bruv?”
White guy, pointing at the Bengali guy next to him, says: “Don’t bother mate, none of these fucking pakis bother!”
As I front up to him I say “What the fucks the matter with you? [I’ve forgotten about the littering now] Why are you calling him a fucking Paki? I guess you would have called this guy a nigger 20 years ago?”
Black guy: “You calling me a nigger?”
Me: “No you stupid cunt. You two are both a couple of stupid cunts. Go fuck yourselves.”
I walk off.
Not very productive.
What should I have done?

Written by jackshaftoe

October 13, 2006 at 8:51 am