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Racism is good for ratings

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Is calling someone who is brown – ‘ the Indian’ – a racist comment?
Is mimicking an Indian accent racist?

Other comments!
Put the scabs in her curry
Indians can’t eat – thats why they are skinny!
Indians can only eat with their hands!
Indians cant cook, they get skinny from food poisening.
I hate that pakistani.

Ofcom have received 2000 complaints.

Yes, I am talking about Big Brother. And yes before you all start, I know that it is full of hideous caricatures – it is still exceptional this year in understanding the worse kind of ‘lord of the flies’ group bullying and racism. channel 4 – the high brow channel – love it. Their ratings are up. The radio and papers are talking about it.

As a British Asian, I am getting bored with this social experiment – a load of racist chavs picking on a bollywood actress and slowly pick her personality apart and totally assasinate her character.

yeah, yeah, i know what you are going to say – switch it off. i will now. watching it last night made me very sick and very angry.
very depressed.


Written by fullenglish1

January 16, 2007 at 10:24 am

Racist litterbugs

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Should really add this to ‘I Litter and I’m Proud’ but…
Standing at the bustop this morning next to the bin.
White guy and a black guy standing near me.
White guy chucks his fag packet on the floor.
I pick it up and put it in the bin saying “I’ll put it in the bin for you shall I bruv?”
White guy, pointing at the Bengali guy next to him, says: “Don’t bother mate, none of these fucking pakis bother!”
As I front up to him I say “What the fucks the matter with you? [I’ve forgotten about the littering now] Why are you calling him a fucking Paki? I guess you would have called this guy a nigger 20 years ago?”
Black guy: “You calling me a nigger?”
Me: “No you stupid cunt. You two are both a couple of stupid cunts. Go fuck yourselves.”
I walk off.
Not very productive.
What should I have done?

Written by jackshaftoe

October 13, 2006 at 8:51 am