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Excuses… Excuses

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Could someone please explain to me why England is so fucking good at doing badly at sports that we invented and then making pathetic excuses for it. I once read someone comment on the fact that we only talk about the past and I concur! On the rare occasion one of our teams pulls something out of the bag we use this as evidence as some kind of greatness for a number of years. Who are we trying to kid? Ourselves quite clearly. Why don’t we use all this pent up energy on actually practicing a sport before trying it out in a serious match situation. Jack Dee once said that if whinging was an Olympic sport we would get gold everytime! I am certainly not dissing the fact that we keep on trying but for god sake stop hyping it up so much before capitulating back into our usual mediocracy.


Written by sanchezdemarcos

November 28, 2006 at 5:08 am

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