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How wikileaks is a foreshadow of the stateless nation

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The author Neil Stephenson, in his book diamond age explores the notion that the nation state will become irrelevant and that people will group together on the basis of culture.

Wikileaks is a spy operation funded by wealthy liberals from around the world who wish to have deeper access to corporate and government secrets.

In the past, only a nation could afford such an operation, and only a could provide justification for the “righteous” acquisition and utilisation of such material.

Of course, Al Qaeda is also a stateless cultural unit with global tentacles, but it is simply a precursor, a rough attempt.

What is infinitely more interesting about wikileaks is that it is making a mockery of the laws of the state, and abusing the artifice that is the global legal system, while informing it’s cultural affinities just how entrenched, corrupted, duplicitous, and idiotic are the state laws and institutions we venerate. 

We now see clearly how Amazon and Paypal obey government orders.

We now see how our own laws can be used against us in trumped up cases.

We now see how our politicians justify assassination to cover up their secrets.

We see from those secrets how trivial, petty, and simple are those in upper echelons of power.   We clearly see that nation states do not operate on a more advanced level than squabbling cousins interested in each others dirty secrets and fighting for grandmother earths inheritance money.

Frankly, I have more trust and confidence in the people behind wikileaks than I do in my own governments.   At least they don’t pretend to know what is best for me, lie to my face, then compel me with brute force and threats to obey even when I don’t agree.

The end of the nation state won’t come easily.

First we will be confronted by the monster of a global state run by a corrupt oligarchy using their wealth and corporations to influence nation states and the people within them.

Then we will have only the corporations themselves as unique operators able to provide for their employees in the way if a nation state.

The tesco and apple village….

But there are principles of humanity which can bind deeper than simple basics of life, and those will form the genesis of the cultural units which coalesce human energy in the future.

Some will be racial expat communities, others will be religious, and yet others elk be bound by ideas, others will remain commercial, and in that new world, we will need a new framework for interacting.

Shamefully, it won’t be any less peaceful, but we will have more choice of where we belong.

And some of those communities will be truly horrible, like paedophile collectives,  but may be allowed to survive on the basis of live and let live….


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December 7, 2010 at 5:04 pm

They say the future is mobile, but today is mobile

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If I ask myself the question, what can’t I do with my android phone, I have to say, not much.  And whatever I can’t do, I expect to be able to do… And in all probability will do soon.

That’s actually an astonishing thought.  That a device in my pocket can power pretty much my entire digital life, harnessing the power of the cloud, to serve and feed our modern appetite for instant communication, news, gossip, games, data, heck even controlling things remotely, and all through radio signals which will probably make all of us sick.

But what price is too high to pay for gratification of the senses on this scale?

The point about the cloud combined with always on pleasure to use devices is that it’s finally possible for anyone to make it work.   This revolution is like email all over again, but the winners haven’t been decided yet.   It could be facebook, but they are consumer and their user group is fickle and free.   Google has more aces than anyone, but they don’t know how to do service, they please themselves first.   Apple has set the standard, the way they did with personal computing, but you can’t compete with the world, they are already at full stretch.

Rim lost it when the email age was superseded by the mobile social cloud.

Microsoft is desk bound.

Interestingly though, the hub system Microsoft has pioneered, and similarly the widgets of android and amazons kindle point the way, with still serious flaws.

Put the user in charge of their content, their display, make it easy to access any feed beautifully, make it available across platforms, and the swarm of users will make it real.

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November 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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Supporting the underdog

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Now that android mobile operating system is number two globally and well on its way to number one, do I need to get a windows mobile or apple phone in support of the underdog? 

These devices are transforming how we interact with the world, who are we empowering with our consumer choices and can we trust them to really empower us back?

There are natural monopolies, windows pc,  google search, facebook social network, apple ipod, android smartphone?

I usually prefer the alternative but somehow I find myself using all the natural monopolies, have I changed or has the dominating value of the natural monopoly changed?

My only justification is I have gotten better at picking winners and I use companies I find early, or underdogs to show some independence.

Actually, my next computer will be ubuntu all the way.   It finally works after much teething, but I just can’t do apple for phones.   Maybe palm?

Written by rexinfinite

November 11, 2010 at 6:13 pm

Conficker Cabal – Cybercriminals are winning

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Read original article here.cyber_crime

In order to stop a Botnet being created (has it already been created?), Microsoft has offered a $250,000 reward for anyone that can provide information on the Author of the malicious Conficker software.

At least we know it isnt the anti-virus manufacturer that created this one as they are all trying to stop it. Probably trying to find the guy that wrote it and see who can hire him to write their next virus.

Written by ChakDePhatte

March 19, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Colombian DAS wiretap scandal: what we can look forward to in the UK

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Read this story and weap all you who think that the state is out to help:BBC wiretap story

If you think it can’t happen, it can.
If you think it won’t happen, it will.

Once we drive the criminals off the street, they will all be found in the police force, using the law against you.

Bring on the id cards, retinal scans, gps trackers, dna database, phone and internet records, drug tests, and psychological profling. Bring on the happy world, without criminals.

Naive scum, deserve what you get.

Written by rexinfinite

February 23, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Cloud Seeding – Artificial Rain

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Beijing managed to end its 110 day drought by using a technique called cloud seedingand inducing rain and snow. Personally I didn’t know this was possible but a little research has shown that cloud seeding is not uncommon; nor is it new technology, it’s been around for 50 years. Thailand is currently using this technique to combat it’s drought, and Pakistan used cloud seeding in August 2000, to end the drought in Quetta that affected 1.5m people and killed 2m animals. Many states in the US have a structured cloud seeding program (Nevada, Utah), and Australia also regularly uses cloud seeding.

Chemicals are shot into the clouds to force smaller clouds merge and create ice particles (snow) which melt and turn to water when falling. This technique is commonly used by water companies but also by airports to increase precipitation and clear fog.

The Russians also use this technique, but it isn’t always successful for them.

Cloud seeding raises a few questions. If we are taking the water out of the clouds before mother nature decides it is the right time and place to rain, how much do we disturb the landscape beyond where we made it rain? Should we be messing with mother nature in such a way? And if cloud seeding is successful, then why haven’t the UN or any aid agencies created a cloud seeding program in the drought hit regions of third world countries? The technique is only just taking off in West Africa – 45 years after it was developed. Surely this is one way to get water to those that need it most rather than use it to create more snow for skiers?

If there is a hose pipe ban in the UK this year and their reason is lack of rainfall then I know what my argument with Thames Water is going to be about.

Written by ChakDePhatte

February 20, 2009 at 12:05 pm

#s92a Is the New Zealand Internet Blackout relevant for internationals?

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I’m really not sure if the New Zealand Internet blackout effort is a valid protest for people outside of that country.

To make a long story short, under pressure from the global entertainment industry, and with free trade with America in mind, the NZ government has enforced the most draconian ISP laws, which presume guilt, and block internet access for those considered guilty.

A group with information at has formed to fight this oppression.

Their PR campaign is to blackout all avatars in protest. Hence the #s92a

Stephen Fry picked it up and twittered it, crashed the geekzone site, and now large number of people are blacking out.

Given that it is for international reasons that the government of NZ has done this, perhaps it is appropriate for internationals to join the protest.

I for one am not going to bother, but will this choice come back to haunt me?

Written by rexinfinite

February 16, 2009 at 12:09 pm