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New opium war needed

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So we all know that the opium wars between the UK and China were started because there was a serious trade imbalance between the UK and China, with China taking all the silver….

So with China now taking all US dollars, what can America invent which would be as significantly useful for the trade balance as opium was?

Oil is the best candidate but eben with control over Iraq and soon to be control over Iran that horse has already bolted, plus the USA is not an effective middle man there.

No what is needed is a new substance, tied to american culture, which also doesn’t compete well given China’s decent movie industry….

I encourage all patriotic Americans to think hard on how best to accomplish this necessary creation… And then lets force it down the chinese throats….

Suggestions welcome


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December 13, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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Supporting the underdog

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Now that android mobile operating system is number two globally and well on its way to number one, do I need to get a windows mobile or apple phone in support of the underdog? 

These devices are transforming how we interact with the world, who are we empowering with our consumer choices and can we trust them to really empower us back?

There are natural monopolies, windows pc,  google search, facebook social network, apple ipod, android smartphone?

I usually prefer the alternative but somehow I find myself using all the natural monopolies, have I changed or has the dominating value of the natural monopoly changed?

My only justification is I have gotten better at picking winners and I use companies I find early, or underdogs to show some independence.

Actually, my next computer will be ubuntu all the way.   It finally works after much teething, but I just can’t do apple for phones.   Maybe palm?

Written by rexinfinite

November 11, 2010 at 6:13 pm

#s92a Is the New Zealand Internet Blackout relevant for internationals?

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I’m really not sure if the New Zealand Internet blackout effort is a valid protest for people outside of that country.

To make a long story short, under pressure from the global entertainment industry, and with free trade with America in mind, the NZ government has enforced the most draconian ISP laws, which presume guilt, and block internet access for those considered guilty.

A group with information at has formed to fight this oppression.

Their PR campaign is to blackout all avatars in protest. Hence the #s92a

Stephen Fry picked it up and twittered it, crashed the geekzone site, and now large number of people are blacking out.

Given that it is for international reasons that the government of NZ has done this, perhaps it is appropriate for internationals to join the protest.

I for one am not going to bother, but will this choice come back to haunt me?

Written by rexinfinite

February 16, 2009 at 12:09 pm

JWH018 – new legal drug

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Anyone tried this? Legal highs… good or bad?

Extra-strong incense drug warning

The chemical acts on receptors in the brain.
A synthetic drug that is up to five times as powerful as cannabis is being sold legally in Britain, as incense.

It has already been made illegal in Germany and is also banned in the Netherlands.

The drug is based on the chemical JWH018 which mimics the effects of tetra hydra cannabol or THC, the main active ingredient of cannabis.

Drugs watchdogs are currently investigating the sale of the substance in the UK.

JWH018, was first synthesised in a US lab in 1995. It was originally developed for scientific experiments on chemical receptors in the brain.

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February 13, 2009 at 3:23 pm

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Horse riding is now as dangerous as taking Ecstasy so should it be banned?

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As you’ve all probably heard, Professor David Nutt (and that appears to be his real name) has likened the dangers of taking Ecstasy to the dangers of horse riding. The Telegraph in it’s article dated 7th Feb 2009 refers to his role as head of the UK government’s drug advisory body and an article he wrote for the Journal of Psychopharmacology last month. Based on the facts pertaining to the dangers of taking this drug, it appears the drugs body is about to advise on the downgrading of the drug from class A to B. 

Much like the advice given by the same body on the dangers of Cannabis (check out Super high me if you get a chance), this looks like being ignored so why bother having a body at all? Nutt goes on to pose the question as to why society is happy to tolerate and in some cases promote other dangerous activities yet not recreational drug use.

The law, far from protecting the public actually makes criminals of what otherwise would be  law abiding citizens so isn’t it time we demand the application of common sense politics from our next leaders?

Written by sanchezdemarcos

February 8, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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Family films girl fighting baby brother!

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4 women in Plymouth forced 2 toddlers to fight each other to fight each other while they filmed it.
The film shows a sobbing 2-year old boy in a nappy being punched in the face by his 3-year old sister, while the women cajole him to fight back by saying “don’t be a wimp” and calling him “a faggot”.
One woman said: “I could not see any harm in toughening them up. I’ve done the same with my own children.”

Question is: what would you do if you were the judge?
Forced sterilisation?
Nothing? It’s a question of their own personal responsibility.

Written by jackshaftoe

February 16, 2007 at 2:04 pm

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Social Scans

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“PREGNANT women should be given a “social scan” to prevent their children growing up on the wrong side of the law.

This would be a risk assessment, looking at whether they have any debt problems, whether alcohol is a feature in their lives, is there someone in their life who is violent?
These all have significant effects on the ability of a mother to be a mother and on the child.

… many of society’s most intractable social problems, including crime, drugs misuse, unemployment, poor skills and endemic unhappiness, are rooted in the experiences of children during their first five years of life.”

And then what?
Forced adoptions at birth because the parents have negative equity, or even worse forced abortions?
ASBOs for children still in the womb?
Licenses for childbearing?

Written by gipperfan

January 30, 2007 at 12:50 am

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