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Slumdog child actors going to the oscars

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Given more information, the comments posted, and this article, I’ve changed my mind and think they’ve done a good job


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February 20, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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Fat pills

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What about these new over-the-counter diet pills? The £1-a-day pill, called Alli, has been given the green light by the European Commission for safety and effectiveness but there are concerns over side-effects and what else your body gets rid of when you shit fat.

Apparently, one of the side-effects of taking the pills is charmingly described as “anal leakage”.  Yes, the unabsorbed fat leaks from yur ass and apparently makes flatulence risky, which is not only embarrassing and uncomfortable but create stinky stains on your trouser too.

GlaxoSmithKline, who make and sell both Xenical and Alli, have done tests on the new pill’s effectiveness and they say that for every 4lb lost by dieting alone, Alli can help you shift 2lb extra.

Along with the fat you lose in your stools, you also lose fat-soluble vitamins including D and A. Of the two, vitamin D is the bigger concern. Research indicates its vital role in our health above and beyond the maintenance of strong bones by helping calcium to be absorbed. Any vitamin D we get from the few dietary sources that provide it should probably not be rejected by our body because of a pill.

Anyone tried em?

Written by tree2one

February 18, 2009 at 2:44 pm

Adopting children: How final should it be?

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Basic story is that a couple had their 3 kids taken away from them because one had 6 broken bones.

This later turned out to be the result of rickets.

Kids should go back to the parents right?

Well, apparently not. It has been ruled that they should stay with their new parents. Even though the real parents did NOTHING wrong.

The argument is that if you start taking people away from adoptive parents then the whole adoption process will break down as parents will always feel that their new kids can be taken away.


What is really troubling me is what on earth they told the kids throughout this process? Do they still think that their parents beat them up?!

Written by jackshaftoe

February 14, 2009 at 11:33 am

Robbery in motion- off the bus onto the tube

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So I am on the tube and I see 5 young “yobs” which is the best description of hooded 18-20 year olds travelling in a pack causing trouble. They push through the train and I go back to reading.

They get off at my stop and threw something at a young woman and banged on the tube doors.

I’m usually reading a book, but I decide this is a better time to be wary, put my book away, place my bag over my shoulder properly, and uncap my pen and hold it in my fist inside my pocket.

I check into the tube to see the two bewilldered girls and look back up at the youth laughing and then running up the stairs.

I follow warily, and they cross the street in front of me. The blockbuster they tried to go into is closed, and I walk past them, checking inside the windowpanes for anyone getting close to me. I’m not nervous, but calculating.

I see a young woman with a large cary bag on my left going to her car as I walk past and I think to myself, dangerous target, I hope she is wary too. I kept going.

I’m half a block away and I hear the pelting and running of the youth, laughing as they rush past me, followed quickly by screams for help “I’ll give you anything, money, whatever you want, pleeaaaseee” she continuously screams.

I run after the youth half heartedly, trying to keep contact and within visual range, but aware I’m all by myself, with a bag, a plastic pen, and a nice suite…

A truck pulls in with two guys looking out, I wave at them, they are around the corner, and I rush in… it’s a blind alleyway, 5 little criminals, darkness, and me. I stay back. The guys in the truck observe then drive away.

I walk back and two of the young guys are lurking in the bush, I move towards them and they run off… neither had the bag, what’s the point?

Now a little group of people gather around the frantic woman, it has all her keys, wallet, all her work on her laptop, she is alone… no shoes on.

We’re standing there and a yobbish looking bloke tries to saunter out across the green, the place they had run into was a culdesac, the only exit was to launch over a security fence onto the tube lines. I can’t recognize him, but I stop him. He gets irrate with me. I tell him he looks like one of the guys who was part of it. He claims innocence, gets angry with me for accusing him of “looking like a criminal” and says “he would never cause a young woman so much misery” he then asks for a fag and one of the guys gives him one, some of the women who have gathered apologize to him and say no one was accusing him.

I walk up and say, “what are you doing here.”

“Visiting a friend.”

“What is his name?”

“Punch you…”

“Go ahead, that would make things a lot easier.”

“Charlie Hackle, punch you is his tag.”

“Fuck off.”

He goes around and mingles and then walks off. I’m annoyed, I should grab the fucker, but really, what’s my interest? He’ll deny it, no one saw him do anything, he has no bag on him, the victim doesn’t recognize him… Still I should have grabbed him till the cops came, the others aren’t as keen though.

The cops come, calm the lady down. I go to the tube station to see if any of them have tried to go back.

We mill around waiting for the cops, but they don’t need any statements unless we actually witnessed the snatch. None of us have. I offer to escort the attractive blonde home, she’s nervous. I give her my card, we walk, she’s from Brazil, USA, Birmingham. She’d never been robbed once in Brazil, or in the states, in Birmingham she was mugged twice and burgled once.

An aspiring actress, was rather pleased to meet her. But I’m still aggravated. I made the right calculation, the 5 of them could have beat me down and probably enjoyed caving my head in, but I was still tempted to run in, although I am pretty certain most people would have watched me get shit kicked.

I have decided I did what I could, that I would have done more if a vigilante crew had formed, but my philosophy of a fight is finish the fuckers hard, so I’d probably be in a jail cell with a ruined suit and a black eye with the laptop still gone, and my bag too…

So I’ve decided next time I’m in a situation like that I’ll aim for a preventative approach. I’ll take the warnings and stay with the woman instead of walking past and minding my own business. I knew she was a good target, and I should have taken responsibility for that.

Still hoping the attractive brazilian girl gives me a call…

Written by rexinfinite

November 9, 2006 at 12:12 pm

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These bus stories could become a habit…

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So, one day on the bus I was totally confused by a conversation I overheard. Two guys sitting together one selling knocked off crap and the other questioning if he bought this stuff whether it would actually work or not when he got it home.
“mate, I wouldn’t try and fuck you over cos your black right”
So… both these guys are black and this totally racist and unacceptable comment is heard on a regular occurance and very rarely questioned. To enter into an argument would have been foolish on my part and perhaps rather dangerous. But in discussions with a mate they reckoned that rascism could only come from a white person to a black person due to the historical repression and not the other way round.

I am fairly horrified that this is still an acceptable opinion, would any of you think this acceptable?…

Written by sanchezdemarcos

November 9, 2006 at 6:12 am

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Bus Incidents 2 – the peaceful way works

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Not only do I have to tell people to pick litter up but also to take their feet off seats on buses…

Yesterday, got on the bus, two Bengali youths (baggy jeans, hair with cuts, hoodies etc) – asked one of them to take his feet of the seats – he says ‘Why?’…
An older Bengali woman says to me “Just leave them alone”
I say “Why? Do you not think he should take his feet off the seats?”
She says: “I dont have an opinion, I’m just advising you…”
I try and read and let it go but…
“Sorry, but why can’t I speak to them?”
“Because this is the inner city and you dont know if they have knives etc”
“I could handle these two! But I take your point and thank you”
I wait till she has got off the bus and turn to my friend with feet on the seats: “You two wouldnt try and stab me for asking you to take your feet off the seats would you?”
“Coz thats what she was saying – that you were so ignorant that that is what you might do”
Anyway, start usual argument about whether he would put his feet on the seats in his mothers house (of course, he wouldn’t, they take their shoes off in the house! Smartass Muslims!). Then he admits he would if his Mum wasnt there and I’m telling him if his mum caught him she’d give him a beating and blah blah blah.
Didn’t get anywhere reasoning with him but made him laugh and patronised him (“You’ll understand when you’re older”).
Was thinking I had not gained any victory until they got off at Chrisp St, and the other guy (who hadn’t said a word) turned to me quietly and said:
“Sorry about him mate, he was being a twat.”
Then a Nigerian woman turns to me and says: “Thank God for people like you”
Suppress the urge to say “God didnt have fuck all to do with it…” and thank her.
Satisfaction – dharma restored!

Written by jackshaftoe

November 7, 2006 at 9:56 am

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Racist litterbugs

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Should really add this to ‘I Litter and I’m Proud’ but…
Standing at the bustop this morning next to the bin.
White guy and a black guy standing near me.
White guy chucks his fag packet on the floor.
I pick it up and put it in the bin saying “I’ll put it in the bin for you shall I bruv?”
White guy, pointing at the Bengali guy next to him, says: “Don’t bother mate, none of these fucking pakis bother!”
As I front up to him I say “What the fucks the matter with you? [I’ve forgotten about the littering now] Why are you calling him a fucking Paki? I guess you would have called this guy a nigger 20 years ago?”
Black guy: “You calling me a nigger?”
Me: “No you stupid cunt. You two are both a couple of stupid cunts. Go fuck yourselves.”
I walk off.
Not very productive.
What should I have done?

Written by jackshaftoe

October 13, 2006 at 8:51 am