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Happiness nonsense

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The assertion that “people are surprisingly bad judges of what makes them happy” seems quite prevalent in recent happiness literature. Well-being fanatics  claiming to know better than ordinary people or politicians what is good for us is not new.

Cameron has announced that the coalition government will be addressing happiness and wellbeing as part of its economic policy. Do you feel comfortable with ministers emboldened with new happiness metrics poking your personal happiness buttons and making policy according to results?

Happiness is subjective and transient, causing problems for researchers trying to measure it scientifically. Many believe that the most effective way to measure happiness is simply to ask people. Respondents are asked to make judgements about their life as a whole. Ask yourself, do you feel ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’…  Holla if you think this is nonsense.




Written by tree2one

January 24, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Posted in free speech

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