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Warning for all CODers …..

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In today’s Metro:

Gaming consoles spark skin scare

A skin disorder caused by over-enthusiastic handling of gaming consoles has been identified.  “PlayStation palmar hidradenitis” which causes sore patches on the palms of hands, is linked to intense sweating.  Swiss doctors spotted the symptoms in a girl of 12.  The British Association of Dermatologists says gamers should take regular breaks.

I shall be checking your palms at lunchtime!!


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February 25, 2009 at 12:25 pm

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Sexercise – NHS Cost cutting exercise

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I found this article rather interesting.

Apparently having sex has the same end result as doing a workout in the gym. This method of healthy living is appropriately named “Sexercise”.

If you used the Kama Sutra as a guidebook to try new position a day, so that you didn’t get bored using the only two positions you know, would it be OK to have a cigarette / joint after the romp and be safe from cancer of the lungs / tongue / bowel etc.?

But how much money would the NHS have to spend on clearing up all the STI’s?

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February 23, 2009 at 4:42 pm

Colombian DAS wiretap scandal: what we can look forward to in the UK

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Read this story and weap all you who think that the state is out to help:BBC wiretap story

If you think it can’t happen, it can.
If you think it won’t happen, it will.

Once we drive the criminals off the street, they will all be found in the police force, using the law against you.

Bring on the id cards, retinal scans, gps trackers, dna database, phone and internet records, drug tests, and psychological profling. Bring on the happy world, without criminals.

Naive scum, deserve what you get.

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February 23, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Slumdog child actors going to the oscars

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Given more information, the comments posted, and this article, I’ve changed my mind and think they’ve done a good job

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February 20, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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Cloud Seeding – Artificial Rain

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Beijing managed to end its 110 day drought by using a technique called cloud seedingand inducing rain and snow. Personally I didn’t know this was possible but a little research has shown that cloud seeding is not uncommon; nor is it new technology, it’s been around for 50 years. Thailand is currently using this technique to combat it’s drought, and Pakistan used cloud seeding in August 2000, to end the drought in Quetta that affected 1.5m people and killed 2m animals. Many states in the US have a structured cloud seeding program (Nevada, Utah), and Australia also regularly uses cloud seeding.

Chemicals are shot into the clouds to force smaller clouds merge and create ice particles (snow) which melt and turn to water when falling. This technique is commonly used by water companies but also by airports to increase precipitation and clear fog.

The Russians also use this technique, but it isn’t always successful for them.

Cloud seeding raises a few questions. If we are taking the water out of the clouds before mother nature decides it is the right time and place to rain, how much do we disturb the landscape beyond where we made it rain? Should we be messing with mother nature in such a way? And if cloud seeding is successful, then why haven’t the UN or any aid agencies created a cloud seeding program in the drought hit regions of third world countries? The technique is only just taking off in West Africa – 45 years after it was developed. Surely this is one way to get water to those that need it most rather than use it to create more snow for skiers?

If there is a hose pipe ban in the UK this year and their reason is lack of rainfall then I know what my argument with Thames Water is going to be about.

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February 20, 2009 at 12:05 pm

COD 5 (Call of Duty 5) – World at War

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cod5_titel1606Call of Duty – World at War (COD5) is undoubtedly the best game ever made. Having played many hours of COD4 I didn’t think it was possible to improve on what in my minds was a near perfect game. How I was proven wrong; the maps and ammunition available in COD5 are brilliant, including a flame-thrower. The variety of maps makes the game playable for all types of players – the run and gun people as well as the sneaky snipers. We have some new recruits so we usually have a full team, and are regularly unbeatable on an evening of PS3 fuelled rapid fire action. The only competition we get is only from the grimy Germans or the froggy French; but they still have some way to catch up with our might.

All we need to do now is figure out how to defeat those tanks, and we’ll be even better than what we already are. A perfect team for a perfect game. I eagerly await COD6 (Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2), released later this year – many more sleepless nights are on their way


Fullenglish will probably be the first person to moan about this blog, but I don’t care becuase he’s already said he’s not playing with us anymore. Good – we can then get a better player and improve out team even more.

Bring in the dogs….

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February 18, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Fat pills

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What about these new over-the-counter diet pills? The £1-a-day pill, called Alli, has been given the green light by the European Commission for safety and effectiveness but there are concerns over side-effects and what else your body gets rid of when you shit fat.

Apparently, one of the side-effects of taking the pills is charmingly described as “anal leakage”.  Yes, the unabsorbed fat leaks from yur ass and apparently makes flatulence risky, which is not only embarrassing and uncomfortable but create stinky stains on your trouser too.

GlaxoSmithKline, who make and sell both Xenical and Alli, have done tests on the new pill’s effectiveness and they say that for every 4lb lost by dieting alone, Alli can help you shift 2lb extra.

Along with the fat you lose in your stools, you also lose fat-soluble vitamins including D and A. Of the two, vitamin D is the bigger concern. Research indicates its vital role in our health above and beyond the maintenance of strong bones by helping calcium to be absorbed. Any vitamin D we get from the few dietary sources that provide it should probably not be rejected by our body because of a pill.

Anyone tried em?

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February 18, 2009 at 2:44 pm