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Social Scans

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“PREGNANT women should be given a “social scan” to prevent their children growing up on the wrong side of the law.

This would be a risk assessment, looking at whether they have any debt problems, whether alcohol is a feature in their lives, is there someone in their life who is violent?
These all have significant effects on the ability of a mother to be a mother and on the child.

… many of society’s most intractable social problems, including crime, drugs misuse, unemployment, poor skills and endemic unhappiness, are rooted in the experiences of children during their first five years of life.”

And then what?
Forced adoptions at birth because the parents have negative equity, or even worse forced abortions?
ASBOs for children still in the womb?
Licenses for childbearing?


Written by gipperfan

January 30, 2007 at 12:50 am

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Test tube meat

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Can’t wait to tuck into lab grown meat in a couple of years…no animals being slaughtered, no land being wasted on greedy meat eaters, no BSE and best of all, reduced saturated fats and added omega oils – yum.

What is the fuss about? Willow trees used to cure headaches and now the molecular pattern is synthesised so we can just take a pill – our kids will laugh at our distaste – excuse the pun.

Build me the protein sheets, I say.

Written by sanchezdemarcos

January 23, 2007 at 2:43 pm

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Socialism or death!

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Much as I doubt the outcome of the revolution in Venezuela, I do in many ways admire the plucky Hugo Chavez. It’s always interesting to watch someone impress themselves upon a nation, and indeed the globe. I fear it will end badly myself.

It is affordable on an oil windfall. The essential obstacle to socialism is motivation, and without the windfall it would become a paper display. But for those of us with the luxury to observe it from a distance it is comparative politics in the making. People will write about this experiment for decades to come.

So big up the revolutionaries… just not in my back yard. Even Blair is better than that kind of risk.

But what about the tourists going to support this revolution? Why is it that the stereotypes for leftsis and facists work so well, and why do they both love dictators?

Written by rexinfinite

January 22, 2007 at 3:26 pm

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Racism is good for ratings

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Is calling someone who is brown – ‘ the Indian’ – a racist comment?
Is mimicking an Indian accent racist?

Other comments!
Put the scabs in her curry
Indians can’t eat – thats why they are skinny!
Indians can only eat with their hands!
Indians cant cook, they get skinny from food poisening.
I hate that pakistani.

Ofcom have received 2000 complaints.

Yes, I am talking about Big Brother. And yes before you all start, I know that it is full of hideous caricatures – it is still exceptional this year in understanding the worse kind of ‘lord of the flies’ group bullying and racism. channel 4 – the high brow channel – love it. Their ratings are up. The radio and papers are talking about it.

As a British Asian, I am getting bored with this social experiment – a load of racist chavs picking on a bollywood actress and slowly pick her personality apart and totally assasinate her character.

yeah, yeah, i know what you are going to say – switch it off. i will now. watching it last night made me very sick and very angry.
very depressed.

Written by fullenglish1

January 16, 2007 at 10:24 am

BNP and Sharia: match made in heaven

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How come everyone is up in arms about the BNP ballerina being on a public payroll, but the government is happy to endorse faith schools – faith schools not only hold a belief in socio-political systems that differs from the mainstream, but they actually teach it to young people.

We’re just an utterly hypocritical society – we allow the BNP to exist, we believe that people are allowed to hold whatever view they want, and then we persecute them for doing so.

Instead of slamming this slightly divvy individual, surely we should be discussing the real merits of allowing fascist parties to exist in our strange democratic system. And if we allow the fascists to have a legitimate political party, why aren’t we allowing the Muslims to have a Sharia party? They are exactly the same: the BNP believe that many Brits should be expelled from the country. The Islamists believe that many Brits should not have the right to vote.

I vote for buying Sealand, expelling both the BNP and the UK Islamic Sharia Council there, and letting the dramas begin!

Written by sanchezdemarcos

January 14, 2007 at 11:31 am

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Rant : How do they get away with it?

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Christ alive, am I the only one who HATES beyond hate the government endorsed filth peddling that goes on every time I switch the stinkin’ telebox on?? What am I on about? Fucking nicotine replacement treatments, that’s what.
I cannot believe that they are allowed to actively promote ‘using’ one of the most addictive drugs we know of to help people stop being hooked to exactly the same fookin drug. It’s ludicrous. Anyone who has stopped smoking using such treatments has quit in spite of them, not because of them.
The very way the advertisements are presented is an insult to our collective intelligence. All that “This will help you to break the habit” – what a load of SHITE. I am in the habit of driving on the left but when I go abroad I find that habit very easy to break. It’s the fuckin nicotine I’m addicted to you bastards, not the habit of smoking a cigarette. If it were then I’d smoke herbal fags all day long and leave the lung cancer ta very much. They know full well that most smokers using their therapies end up addicted to the bloody things and still smoke fags as well. They just don’t give a shit as long as they get paid.
Don’t get me wrong, I realise that all marketing is to some degree the spawn of satan (tongue firmly planted in cheek) but these nicotine patches etc really take the piss. If these treatments work, why the fuck aren’t they prescribing alcohol laced food products for alcoholics?

Apologies for the rant, I feel slightly better even though I’m down to my last pack of nicorette so I’d best get some more in quick…

Written by sanchezdemarcos

January 10, 2007 at 9:41 pm

God tells of new 9/11

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God (the supreme deity, 13.8 billion years old, favourite colour: indigo) has kindly informed US TV evangelist (and all-round good Christian) Pat Robertson that there will be another 9/11 style attack this year. It is unclear whether contact was made via phone, email, fax, dream, angels etc.

It will be similar to a nuclear attack and will be some time after September – God refused to specify a date, and claimed: “If I told you everything it wouldn’t be any fun!”

Pat said: “Sorry, sometimes he’s a bit of a cunt like that.”

Written by jackshaftoe

January 4, 2007 at 9:58 am

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